John Cataneo

Master Plumber (lic #1784)

As a young boy in a family business, John started working on water- based heating systems by age 13. At 17, he began heating courses given by what was then the prestigious Institute of Boilers and Radiation. His technical skills grew in the field as his role in his family’s plumbing and heating business grew more critical to its success and he passed his NYC Master Plumber's License exam 1998 at the age of 29. Today, with over 30 years of experience in the heating trade, John is the specifier of all hydronics systems’ products and designs for the company, which he now owns with his brother. John’s professional services have for years extended from single-family residences to mid- rise NYC commercial real estate. He currently finds himself under contract in some of the finest and largest renovation projects in NYC and is routinely asked to stay on the jobs well after construction to provide ongoing guidance for service and maintenance.

What are “hydronics”?

A system that uses water as a medium to heat a given space is a hydronic system. That could be a circulating hot water, steam, or gravity-flow system. Simply put, if you’ve got radiators or baseboard heaters that aren’t powered by electricity, you’re heating with hydronics.

Over 85% of the United States heats their homes with forced hot air. Hydronics is widely considered a far superior system for a variety of reasons, but with one big drawback: it’s far more costly to install. These systems provide far more comfort, flexibility and efficiency than warm air but because of its relative scarcity, providing intelligent solutions for maintaining and servicing them has become a dying art. HVAC companies posses little talent, if any, to keep steam and hot water systems working at their peak and few plumbers take the time to engage in the proper training to keep up with modern safety and efficiency standards.

The fact is, both “heating and air conditioning” companies and “plumbing and heating” companies are seldom properly equipped to handle things like replacement boiler sizing and troubleshooting so there is a long-standing and ever-increasing market for experts in this field in which fewer young technicians exist.

What does 72°F do?

72°F solves your steam and hot-water-heating problems in an easy-to-follow evaluation and report containing plain language and clear images. Give this report to your local service provider or together we can vet a new installer to perform the upgrades. Banging pipes and radiators are not normal and can be made quiet. Temperature swings floor-by-floor or room-by-room are a result of inexperienced and unqualified tradespeople making bad alterations to an otherwise well-designed system. Undoing all these changes takes a trained eye and a wealth of experience.

What is this worth to you?

72°F charges a consulting fee to perform a complete top-to-bottom evaluation of your heating system. A report will then be generated that makes sense to you and it will include your home or building’s heating requirements compared to the heat being generated by your equipment. Temperature imbalance and noise issues will be addressed and corrective measures will be outlined for your review. Efficiency upgrades will be offered where they make most sense and your budget will always be kept in mind.

Take advantage of 72°F’s uncommon skill sets and experience the difference brought by years of technical expertise and trade-to-client communication.

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